Appion Inline Filter Dryer (FDT032)

Appion Inline Filter Dryer (FDT032)


Appion inline filter dryer (fdt032) should always be used to ensure that no solids or particulate matter gets into the recovery machine. Every system that refrigerant is recovered from has a liquid line filter/dryer in it ahead of the expansion device.

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Appion inline filter dryer fdt032 Inline Filter Dryer should be used ahead of the recovery machine on every job. All of the material caught and collected by the system’s filter/dryer is pulled out of the system with the recovered refrigerant. During recovery, the inline filter catches this debris before it enters the recovery unit to prevent damage to the compressor assembly. If debris gets into the compressor, it can score the cylinder, cut the piston seals, or damage the valves, resulting in reduced recovery performance.


It performs two important functions:

  1. trapping and collecting any large particles (copper shavings, solder, flux, wax, dirt, scale, etc.) that might be in the system;
  2. capturing any moisture that might enter the system due to leaks.

Features and benefits

➢ The inline filter should be changed after every job when using a small filter (032), or at least very frequently when using a larger size, (082 and above), otherwise it could become clogged and slow down the recovery process due to restricted flow.
➢ The screen in the inlet fitting on the G5Twin & G1Single is only a backup and does not take the place of an inline filter. The backup inlet screen should be cleaned or changed on a regular basis. If this inlet screen becomes clogged, the machine’s pumping capacity will be affected due to the restricted flow through the dirty screen


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