Touchscreen Hybrid Thermostat (6300)

Touchscreen Hybrid Thermostat (6300)



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Introducing Deluxe touchscreen hybrid thermostat (6300) from Braeburn.  A blend of touchscreen and button thermostat for the best of both worlds. The touchsceen hybrid thermostat 6300 is compatible with conventional and heat pump systems, up to 4 Heat / 2 Cool Heat Pump and up to 3 Heat / 2 Cool Conventional.  It is universal 7, 5-2 Day or non-programmable. Everyone is searching for an affordable touchscreen thermostat with the quality and features customers demand. We’ve got the solution – Braeburn Touchscreen with a SpeedBar®. It solves the problems associated with today’s touchscreen thermostats. With our exclusive SpeedBar, over-sized characters on a 12 square inch display and Quick Reference Instruction Card, customer callbacks will be last year’s technology.


• 7 Day, 5-2 Day or Non-Programmable
• Large 12 Sq. In. Easy-Read Touchscreen
• Auto or Manual Changeover
• Bright Blue Backlight Display
• SpeedBar Multi-Function Button
• Residential or Commercial Modes
• Adjustable Temperature Limits
• Indoor or Outdoor Remote Sensing
• SpeedSet 7 Day Programming Mode
• Meets Energy Aware® Guidelines*
• Separate User and Installer Reset Buttons
• Auxiliary Heat Fossil Fuel Option
• Hardwire or Battery Power
• Multi-Level Keypad Lockout
• Economizer Control
• Circulating Fan Mode
• Programmable Fan Mode
• English / Spanish Packaging and Instruction Card with FREE Contractor Branding

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Dimensions3.94 × 5.56 × 1.19 in


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